Contractor will furnish plans, specifications and building permit. Contractor pays for building permit fees. One copy of plans and specifications will be furnished to owner. Plans and specifications are subject to the approval of local building department, deed restrictions, homeowners association, CC&R's, etc.

All prices are based on a level site, which is free of organic material, landscaping, lawns, trees, debris and excessively hard rock formations or large boulders. We are not responsible for any damage to lawns. Building site must be accessible for delivery of concrete and other materials. Building sites with loose sandy soil conditions may require water compaction (by owner) for access. Site will be graded 5' around building to provide for proper drainage. Adequate power and water must be within 75' of building site for contractors use. Any material imported on to job site for building pad or exterior grading will be done at owner's expense. Underground utility work and relocations are not in contract unless specified in proposal.

Concrete slab will be 3 " thick, reinforced with fiber mesh, and have 3/4" deep control joints maximum 10' apart both directions. Slab elevation will be a minimum of 6" above average natural grade. Concrete mix for footings shall be 5-sack mix and 6-sack mix (with fiber) for slab. Contractor will provide 3/4" deep recess in slab for sectional door. Concrete or gravel in front of sectional door is not included in contract.

Framing: Douglas Fir, standard or better. Walls are 2x4 construction. Plate height is 8'
Mudsill: Douglas Fir pressure treated.
Garage door header: 4x12, 4x14 or glue laminated beam as required by building department.
Roof sheeting: 15/32" OSB, group # 1
Exposed overhangs: 5/8" AC plywood.
Siding: 7/16" LP hardboard siding with vertical grooves at 8" o.c. over vapor barrier, applied as per manufactures specifications. LP is a pre-primed product.
Fascia and barge rafters: 4/4" x 6" LP trim over 2 x 4 sub fascia.
Shingle mold: 1x2 hem-fir or LP
Trims: 4/4 x 4 LP trim.
Trusses: Factory built, pre-engineered. Pitch is 4/12 unless noted otherwise on plans.

30-year Elk or equal dimensional asphalt composition shingles applied over 15lb. felt with dimensional ridge applied as per manufactures specifications. Color to be selected by owner from standard color chart.

Kelly Moore Acry Shield or Fuller O'Brien paint, low sheen finish. All raw wood will receive one coat of primer and one coat of low sheen finish paint. Siding and trims will receive one coat of low sheen finish paint. Trim and body colors may be selected by owner from standard color chart. Two colors are standard, additional colors are not included in contract. Dark colors are not recommended on any siding or door products and may void the product warranty.

Amarr Heritage III or equal, 16 x 7 steel sectional door, 24 ga. raised panel. Door will be pre-finished white, brown or almond (brown and almond doors are special order and take 2-3 weeks for delivery). Job-site painting of doors is not recommended. Painting of garage doors will be done at an additional cost to customer. Garage door opener, insulation and designer glass are optional at extra cost.

2'-8" x 6'-8" x 1-3/4" six-panel fiberglass insulated door. Pre-hung unit including, threshold, lockset and weather-stripping. Deadbolt is optional

6' x 3' (Milgard brand) white vinyl. All windows are double-glazed and include screens. One window is included in contract. Grids or Low-E can be added at an additional cost.

Upon completion of job, contractor shall clean up all construction debris, clean window and leave building in "broom clean" condition. Owners may have scrap firewood upon request.

INSURANCE Owner will carry "Course of Construction" Insurance if required. Contractor will furnish Contractor's Liability Insurance and Workman's Compensation Insurance.

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